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U-Kiss' tweets
  • Hoon: HoonMorning, HoonNight, thanking KissMe's, serious updates, adorable pictures
  • AJ: Tweets about studying abroad and missing U-Kiss (more specifically Kevin)
  • Kiseop: Selcas everywhere
  • Eli: Pictures of Red Bull. Lots and lots of Red Bull.
  • Kevin: English, Korean, and Japanese all in one tweet because he's a multilingual badass
  • Dongho: Long, Korean replies to his Korean friends in Korea
  • Alexander: Pictures of him eating something delicious with friends we didn't know he had
  • Kibum: Pictures of him looking professional
  • Soohyun: 
  • Soohyun: 
  • Soohyun: Yo
Kan/Rom - Budokan 2014 Limited CD tracks
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what boredom does to me.. having my little concert when im alone here at our house hahaha. and this time i recorded myself singing to 왕자님 (as what gabby and i calls him) shin soohyun’s snowman… ^^
And just wanna say thank u so much to all ppl who listens to the cover im posting here. lol i hope im not making u all cringe or make your ears bleed..XD

Royal Pirates - You (English Version)

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Handsome Eli
ft. fabulous Kiseop & cute Kevin

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Excuse me, I'll be crying in the corner ;;
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church boy kevin goes wild

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1/2 acapella medley cover - UKISS korean title tracks

2008- 2014

  1. Not Young
  2. Talk To Me 
  3. Man Man Hani 
  4. Round and Round 
  5. Shut Up! 
  6. 0330 
  7. Neverland 
  8. Dora Dora 
  9. Believe 
  10. Stop Girl 
  11. Standing Still 
  12. She’s Mine 
  13. Only You 
  14. Quit Playing 

*i wanna thank Gabby for helping me upload and post my covers here on tumblr. im sorry for the mispronunciations and tone glitches*

Check out the Japanese version here 

thank you, UKiss

thank you KISSmes

Love You all!!!

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2/2 acapella medley cover - UKISS japanese title tracks


  1. Tick Tack
  2. Forbidden Love 
  3. A Shared Dream 
  4. Dear My Friend 
  5. One of You 
  6. Distance 
  7. Alone 
  8. Inside of Me 
  9. Fall in Love 
  10. Break Up 
  11. Spring Rain 
  12. Love On U

Korean medley version here

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"Break Up is even harder than Neverland."

shin soohyun’s big family ^^v
hoon as wifey coz soohoon shipper :)

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140820 (More Elvin?)



S - E please introduce the song

E - In Baby Touch me, it’s got KV’s soft voice..I like your soft voice

S - Can you introduce the song to KISSmes and not Kevin? (laughs)

cr: @kreya1224


SH: Eli por favor presentanos la canción

Eli: En Baby Touch me, puedes oir la suave voz de Kevin..me gusta su voz suave

SH: ¿Puedes presentar la canción a las KISSmes y no a Kevin? (Risas)

cr: @ukiss_spanish

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Han Kangwoo keepin it real (ep. 1-10)

The gist of Han Kangwoo’s character is nine shots.